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The best place to rest
RV Camp

Donje Vardiste | Bosnia & Herzegovina

About The Camp

Autocamp River was founded in 2017, it is located in a completely natural, healthy environment. The place is ideal for rest and relaxation. The environment of the camp consists of mild hilly forest relief, on the shore of Beli Rzav, which is located near the confluence with Crni Rzav, with great fishing spots. Its capacity is 22 places for campers, with secured supply of drinking water, electricity, WiFi, clean toilets and a large space for tents for all guests. If you are a lover of beautiful, untouched, healthy nature, fresh air, clear mountain water, swimming,  fishing and camping, we invite you to come here and see for yourself.

Welcome to Auto Camp River

Camp Location

The camp is located in the vicinity of the border Vardiste-Kotroman, 150m from the arterial highway M5 (Uzice-Visegrad-Trebinje-Dubrovnik), between B&H and Serbia (N 43.752586° , E19.446920°). It is 20km far from Visegrad (Andricgrad) and 5km from Mokra Gora (Kustendorf, Sargan Eight).

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What to Expect

Stone Oven Cooking




Don't miss this beautiful spot when travelling through Bosnia! A quiet, well maintained camping site on the river, surrounded by the hills. Everything is very clean, there is a very nice place outside to sit and cook, wifi, washing machine...and most important, the owners are the most friendly, helpful and attentive people you can imagine. Thank you again for everything, we really enjoyed being at your place!


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Questions? Call us at +381669287493 or leave us a message:

Donje Vardiste, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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